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REA Forms & Documents

Form 1 - REA Annual Branch Report REA Annual Branch Report (.pdf) REA Annual Branch Report (.doc) In accordance with Rule 17.22, Annual Branch Reports for the year, as at 31st December, are to be completed and returned to HQ REA by end February the following year. These are to be completed and distributed as follows:
  1. One Copy to: HQ REA
  2. One Copy to: Group Secretary (Do not send this copy to HQ REA)
  3. One Copy: Branch records
Form 2 - Annual Members Subscriptions Annual Members Subscriptions (.pdf) Annual Members Subscriptions (.doc) Branch Treasurers are reminded that subscriptions received from REA Annual Members of the Branch during the year are to be forwarded to HQ REA by 1st February each year. Completed copies are to be distributed as follows:
  1. One copy, accompanied by the subscriptions due, to be sent to HQ REA
  2. One copy to be retained in Branch records.
See the latest HQ Circular for more details about completing this Form Form 3 - Standard Bearers Expenses Form Standard Bearers Expenses Form (.pdf) Standard Bearers Expenses Form (.doc) Claims will only be paid by online bank transfers. Claims returned to HQ REA without supporting receipts, the claimants signature or the signature of the authorising branch official will not be processed, but returned to the claimant. Form 4 - Branch Information Sheet Branch Information Sheet (.pdf) Branch Information Sheet (.doc) In order that an up-to-date Contact List can be compiled, printed and distributed by the middle of each year, Branch Secretaries are requested to complete and return the REA Form 4 (Branch Information Sheet) by 30th April annually. The Form has been revised to include the title, known name and email address of branch officials. Branches are requested to ensure this new information is included. Unless Branches submit the Form 4 as requested, it will not be possible to publish up-to-date information in the annual Group and Branch Officials Contact List. Form 6 - Annual Dinner Attendance Application 180531 jf FORM 6 REA Annual Dinner Booking Form 2018 Form 7 - Application for Associate Membership Application for Associate Membership (.pdf) Application for Associate Membership (.doc) Once completed by the branch, the Form must be sent to the Group Director for approval. Please note that Association Rule 13.06 requires an Associate Member to have had a long or special connection with the Corps or with the Association; this must be described in Part 2 of the Form. Branches should aim to have not more than 20% of their Life and Full Members as Associate Members. Form 8 - Notification of Death (Old Comrade) Notification of Death of Old Comrade (.pdf) Notification of Death of Old Comrade (.doc) Once completed, this Form must be sent to HQ REA. REA Badge of Merit Recommendation - Procedure Notes The procedure for submitting a nomination for the REA Badge of Merit nomination can be viewed by following the link below. Badge of Merit - Procedure notes (.pdf) Group Directors Commendation Form Group Directors Commendation Form (.doc) Group Directors Commendation Form (.pdf) The Group Directors Commendation is initiated at branch level and then processed at Group HQ. HQ REA does not have any input into the process and recommendations for Commendations should not be sent to them. Form 20 - Committee Members Expenses Form Committee Members Expenses Form (.doc)

Casualty and Compassionate Support

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Death & Bereavement

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Service Records & Research

Unfortunately HQ REA does not hold service records for former servicemen; we only hold the contact details of our members. The Veterans UK website offers the opportunity to apply for the service records of former servicemen. Follow this link to find out more.If you want to delve deeper into a persons service history you might consider using a UK researcher who has access to service records at Kew and the Royal Engineers archives in Chatham; these may include Unit Diaries. We can thoroughly recommend Poppyresearch which has proved extremely popular with many of those seeking information about their relatives. Claire at Poppy Research is an RE Museum accredited researcher and may be able to provide you with some advice. You should take the opportunity of visiting her website to find out more about the service she offers and to see what her customers have to say; this service has nothing to do with the Royal British Legion. The REA Facebook page offers the opportunity for those seeking historic information about the Corps to request the publication of a notice on the page. Notices can also be published for those wishing to make contact with old service mates. Those wishing to take advantage of this facility should submit a form of words by email to the REA Controller.

REA Forms & Documents

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Service Records & Research

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