Notes for SSAFA and TRBL Caseworkers

All caseworker are advised that HQ REA have strict eligibility rules and criteria for verifying service in the Corps of Royal Engineers for those applying for financial assistance through the REA benevolence system.

Verification of Service (VOS) criteria

Queries about our VOS criteria should be directed to the Controller of the REA.

What can the REA assist with?

Please download the following document for more information:Benevolence Guidelines

How to apply for benevolence assistance

Please download the following document for more information:How to Apply for Benevolence

Benevolence expenditure

The tables below shows the number and expenditure for individual benevolence cases considered during 2018- 2015

Category 2018 2017 2016 2015
Disabled & Illness 166 163 174 175
Aged 41 32 53 71
Widows 63 51 55 86
Unemployed 128 119 107 118
Miscellaneous 124 129 136 149
Grants not made 31 51 40 51
Totals 553 545 565 650


Regular – Reserve Case Comparisons 2018 2017 2016 2015
Regular Cases

Reservist Cases









Regular Grants

Reservist Grants









Some recent cases with which we have assisted

July 2019 – Some examples of benevolence grants made in 2019 so far:

Spr –                The REA authorised a grant of £1,710 towards supplying and installing sensory equipment; ABF were approached.  ABF, TRBL and TRBLWS also authorised grants.

Spr –                The REA authorised £300 towards removal costs.

LCpl –              The REA authorised a grant of £2,000 towards bathroom adaptions. An approach to the ABF and TRBL was also authorised.

Spr –                The REA authorised £350 towards carpets.

SSgt –             The REA authorised a grant of £2,500 towards roof repairs. An approach to the ABF and TRBL was also authorised.

Widow of Spr           The REA authorised a weekly allowance of £42.50 a week to assist with care home fees.

LCpl –                          The REA authorised a grant of £500 towards funeral costs.

Thank you letters

Some of the thank you letters received in 2019:
“I write to thank you for your kind grant of £500 to help pay for my late husband’s funeral. You may have some idea of how much this helped his family at our greatest need but please do not underestimate this as I cannot thank you enough.” (Widow of a former LCpl January 2019)
“Once again I have received your generous support for which I am most grateful. In view of my diminishing eyesight, I need a little more help in my daily life, in order to be fairly independent, which thanks to you I still can be.” (Former sapper, overseas weekly allowance February 2019)
“Thank you so much for your help to help adapt our bathroom… for (my husband) has now changed due to your kindness” (Wife of a former sapper March 2019)
“I have this morning received the excellent news that the Association has agreed to fund the carpeting for my new home. I write, therefore, with my heartfelt thank you to all concerned. I am extremely grateful.” (Former sapper April 2019)
“We are writing to you to express our appreciation for the most generous gift of capita that was given to us to help and support our finances, through this difficult time…. (We) are overwhelmed with the kindness and efficiency of your team that worked with SSAFA on our case. We would like to thank you sincerely for taking the time to assess our case and your hard work in ensuring that our needs were met…” (Serving sapper and partner, May 2019)

Main Service Charities

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, exists to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst the Armed Forces, veterans and their families in order to support their independence and dignity.

We give a lifetime of support to soldiers and veterans from the British Army, and their immediate families, when they are in need. We make grants to individuals through their Regiments and Corps and support a wide range of specialist charities that sustain the British Army ‘family’, both at home and around the world.

We help members of the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, veterans and their families all year round. We also campaign to improve their lives, organise the Poppy Appeal and remember the fallen.

We put veterans and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need – from healthcare and housing to employability, finances, personal relationships and more.