Corps Freedom of Medway and Memorial Parade

19.07.2022 | News

Corps Memorial Weekend

Previously known as The Corps Memorial and Veterans Weekend, The Corps Freedom of Medway and Memorial Parade (CFMMP) will take place over 16-18 Sep 22 in Chatham. There will be events across the weekend to promote esprit de Corps between veterans and serving members.

The primary purpose of the weekend is the Memorial Parade and the subsequent service in Rochester Cathedral, held on Sun 18 Sep 22, in remembrance of those Sappers who have died on operations or otherwise.

For a full informational breakdown of the weekend events, please follow the link below which will take you to our events page and click on the event itself.

Royal Engineers Association – Events

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Menu for the Corps Memorial Weekend Dinner Night is as follows:

Corps Memorial Weekend Dinner Night

Truffled Sheeps Cheese and Beetroot Salad


Medium Cooked Lamb Rump

with a herby crust and redcurrant sauce

Creamed Garlic Potato

Tomato Chimichuri and

Braised Cabbage


Pisatchio Brownie with

cinnamon Shortbread Snap,

Vanilla Cream and Crushed Raspberries

Coffee and Mints