Plant Branch

A message from the Branch Secretary – Barry Prior

In March 2017 the Plant Branch was fortunate to be able to hold its AGM
with the help of the Amphibious Engineers Branch.  This was held at the
Holiday Inn at Coventry, and alongside the Amphibious Engineers, we
were also able to hold a joint Branch Dinner.
At the AGM Neil Jordan was voted in as the Chairman of the Branch
having taken over from Danny Downham.  Dave Davey was voted in as
the Treasurer of the Branch; this also was a post taken over from Danny
Downham. Barry Prior was voted in as the Secretary.
This year we will be having our AGM once again at the Holiday Inn in
Coventry, with the help of the Amphibious Engineers.  This will take place
on the weekend 24/25 March 2018.
When reading this, if you are a member of the REA Plant Branch and
have not been contacted I would be grateful if you would email Barry at
Equally, if you would like to join an invigorated Plant Branch (T&C apply) please email Barry at the same
More information is available on the Branch Facebook page which is at