URGENT UPDATE – REA Gibraltar Weekend May 2022


Dear REA Family,

We have had an unprecedented amount of interest for next year’s event. To be honest, we’re not sure if this is a result of the 250th anniversary or post-COVID freedom … or perhaps a bit of both! Currently, we have almost 300 confirmed guests – whilst this an amazing achievement almost a year before the event, it also means that we are now already over-subscribed for most venues, and so we do have a challenge, unfortunately.

The fairest approach, and indeed our only option at this stage with the numbers already confirmed and paid, is to introduce an attendance cap for the functions, and to offer anyone who subsequently registers interest a place on a Reserve List. We will continue to monitor the overall numbers on a daily basis, and if and when places become available, we will contact those on the Reserve List to see if they are still interested in attending. We will continue to explore every opportunity to facilitate larger numbers, but we are, unfortunately restricted to those established venues that can support circa 250 guests (and there are not many!). 

Of course Gibraltar will be full of Sappers in May 2022, and we do have some events over the weekend that will remain unrestricted due to the space that is available. We will be able to receive increased numbers for the pre-march Corps presentations and the parade and march up Main Street; and if we are able to finalise, the matches scheduled for the Corps football team will also remain unrestricted. We would also hopefully be able to increase attendance numbers to the two tours on the Monday, dependent on Tour Guide availability.

Whilst it is truly humbling that we are already fully subscribed for an event almost a year away, it does mean that inevitably and regrettably, some guests will sadly miss out on attendance at the formal functions. For this we wholeheartedly apologise, but we are assured that you will understand our position.  

We recognise this is not the update news you were hoping for especially with the significance of next year’s events, but it is the right thing for us to do at this stage, rather than continue to offer places that we simply may not be able to support. We will continue to publish updates on the REAHQ website; the Gibraltar REA Facebook page, by email via our mailing list, and in our monthly newsletter. Your continued understanding is very much appreciated and important for us.

Stay safe, and we will hopefully have the opportunity to get together very soon.

Please address any further queries to the Branch Secretary, Mr Jack Noble.

Kind REgards

Jack Noble


REA Gibraltar Branch

T +350 200 51987

M + 350 58008085