Spr Doug Hamilton-Cox

Spr Doug Hamilton-Cox served in the Corps for about 12 years and was discharged in January 1971.

He is keen to make contact with other sappers that he served with during his time in the Corps.

In particular he would like to contact.

Junior Leaders – Dover, Mareth Troop ‘C’ Sqn – 1959-61
Mac McCrory ‘C’Sqn
Reg Found from Bideford, Devon ‘A’ Sqn
Barry Firmin ‘C’ Sqn

4 Fld Sqn – Nienburg 1962-65
Davies (Taff) from Ledbury and anyone from the same period.

11 Indep Fd Sqn – 1965-67
They had a famous group called ’10 feet 5′ of which 2 members attend our reunion.
Desperate to trace other members, particularly:

Steven Hurst (Geordie) Newcastle area
Dave Beer and Joe McCann
John Weir – Colraine
Joe Meighan – Ballymmena
Dennis McIntyre – Belfast
Charlie Gilhooley – Belfast
Dave Watson
Jackie Knox
Simpson (Paddy)
Kilpatrick (JK) Scotland
Jack Clackers
Thompson (Mad Tommo)
Thompson (Black Tommo)
and anyone who served in Malacca and Thailand at this time.

65 Fld Park Sqn Hameln 1968 -71
Pete Sheldon – Leeds
Bob Turner – Leeds
Chris Bradley – Keighley, Yorks
Alf Smith – Doncaster
Tom Bainbridge
Harry Higgins
Whitehead (Wurzel) Glos

Doug Hamilton-Cox can be contacted by phone:   01647 252259
Email:  sue.hamiltoncox@btinternet.com