Spr Bill Haygarth

Spr Bill Haygarth – 2 (Cheshire) Field Squadron RE, 1939-45

Bill joined the squadron as a territorial in May 1939, and from January 1940 saw service in the Middle East, North Africa and Italy, before returning home nearly five years later.

In June 1943, prior to the start of the Italian campaign, the squadron was re-numbered 622 Field Squadron.  The actions at which Bill was present includes the battle of El Alamein, the invasion of Sicily and the siege at Cassino.

Like a lot of veterans, he said little about his experiences; he died ten years ago.

His son, who is also called Bill, is writing a history of his Dad’s squadron and would like to hear from squadron veterans or, indeed, from anyone who knows anything at all about the squadron.

Bill’s contact details are as follows:

Bill Haygarth
Hillings Lane
Leeds LS20 8PB

Tel: 01943 879998
Email: Bill.Haygarth@btinternet.com