Sapper Simon Ward

Mr A Hammond is trying to contact a Sapper Simon Ward with whom he served at SHAPE from 1975 to 1977.

Simon Ward would have been in his mid twenties when Mr Hammond knew him in 1975.

At the time Mr Hammond was a Corporal in the RMP but they were in the same barrack room for most of the first year until Mr Hammond moved into married quarters.  Shortly after that he believe that Simon Ward was posted to a Harrier support unit in Brugen West Germany.  Simon did however spend the Christmas of 1976 with Mr Hammond and his wife as well as one other leave. The last time that Mr Hammond heard from Simon was a letter about 1980 shortly after he had left the Army.  Unfortunately he had left out the first page of the letter that had his new address on.

Family arrivals and a new career meant that Mr Hammond had no time to try and contact him then. ( No internet in those days) Over the past few years though he has tried several times to track him down via the net but so far without success. If anyone can help Mr Hammond get in touch with Simon Ward, he would be most grateful to hear from them.  Mr Hammond’s email address is: