2116818 Spr G J Uglione

Mrs Blake (nee Uglione) lost her father when she was 6 years old. Her mother remarried quite quickly after his death and she and her new husband never mentioned Mrs Blake’s biological father. As a result, she has very little knowledge of her biological father and is hoping to find out more about him through this website.

Gaston Jean UGLIONE was born of French and Italian parents on 26 July 1915.He was called up on 25 July 1940 and posted to ‘D’ Coy, 4 Training Battalion RE at Colchester.

He was ‘Y’ listed on 03 July 1941 and discharged on 11 Nov 1941; presumably with an ilness from which would later die.

Apart from a birth, death and marriage certificate, Mrs Blake has no other information about her father. She would particularly like to have a photograph of her father possibly from his time in the Corps or a wedding photo.

If anyone can help Mrs Blake with any information about her biological father they are asked to contact Lt Col Neil Jordan, Deputy Controller of the Royal Engineers Association at Chatham. Contact details are provided on this website.