Harrogate Intake 57A

In 1977 Fred Carslake started tracking down all the lads he joined up with at Harrogate in Intake 57A, so far he has managed to find about 70.

Fred reckons that of the 160 original Intake, 53 did not complete their service for one reason or another and only 107 passed-out.

He estimates that there are about 30 or so still to be found; a number of them may have been in the Royal Signals.

Fred is keen to make contact with the following people:

57A Intake at Harrogate – Joined Feb 57 until Dec 59

Service numbers from 2350**** to 2351****

Degiorgio BC
Gilholly D
Griffiths AG
Haddon RA
Holland BV
Johnston D
McPherson RT
Maun IG
McKenna JW
McLaren I
Neville P
Pearce KIM
Rosser RSE
Salisbury JH
Sanders PR
Shenton D
Thorpe P
Vaugn AE
Wall NR
Ward DJ
Washington K
Woods W

Fred is also writing a book called ‘The Harrogate Apprentice’.

If you have any information about those listed above, you should contact Fed Carslake at: