Dick Richards

Mr ‘Dick’ Richards served in the Corps for many years and would very much like to make contact with anyone who remembers him.

Dick served in the following places during the dates where shown:

  • ? – 1945 Longmoor Training Camp, Field Works for Field Engineer
  • 1946-47 2 troop, 7th Field company, Salonka Greece
  • 4th Indian Divison, he remembers Kenneth Bland and J Cromer
  • 337 Army troops 3rd Corps, he remembers Mckinnon and Read
  • 1947-49, Major Skinner RE
  • 1950-51 55 Ind Field Sqn RE 29 Brigade Korea,
  • 2 Troop transit Japan and Kowloon, Hong kong. He remembers Sgt Pink and Sgt Arnold
  • 1951-54 No 2 Singapore Engr Regt RE. He remembers Chris Field and Cpl Jeff Chapell
  • 1956-58 2nd Ind Field Sqn RE Malaya-Penang and Butterworth. He remembers Spr Pat Hurley and WO2 H Gibbs

If you can help Dick get in touch with his old comrades you are requested to contact the Deputy Controller of the REA on 01634 82 24 07