3131378 F. McNaught, sapper

Mr Toon Blokland from Holland wishes to make contact with the next of kin of F.McNaught, service nummer 3131378.

Frank McNaught was a paratrooper of the 11th Battalion Parachute Regiment. He was onboard  the C-47 42-93001 61 Squadron 314 TCG Pilot Captain G.C. Merz and co-pilot F/O E.W. Haagens.  Frank McNaught was member of the S-Coy.  He was a sapper.  Captain F.D. King was CO S-Coy.  The plane crashed on 18th September 1944 near Rhenen/Achterberg in Holland.  He survived the crash, went underground and escaped the occupied part of Holland in February 1945 by crossing through the Biesbosch.  Recently we found a letter written in 1944 by F. McNaugt to his wife. Now we want to hand over this letter to his relatives.

If you have any information please contact Toon Blokland by e-mail: amblokland@live.nl