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RE HQ Officers' Mess Secretary


The successful candidate will assume the key role of RE HQ Officers' Mess Secretary, based in Brompton Barracks, Chatham, Kent.

Interviews will take place in February 2017 with a view to filling the post as soon as practicable after that.

Responsibilities include:

  • Providing a detailed quarterly report to the RE HQ Mess Policy Committee.
  • Coordination and oversight of all Corps, and Corps related, officer functions and events held primarily, but not solely, at the RE HQ Mess and ensure that proper social, military and financial standards are maintained.
  • Act as the custodian of Corps Mess Property (including silver and artwork) and the Comptroller of Corps Fine Wines, including Port.
  • Implement, and report against, relevant policy as directed by the RE HQ Mess Policy Committee.
  • Act as Secretary to the RE HQ Mess Policy Committee.
  • Conduct educational tours of the Mess for Troop Commanders Courses, Commissioning Courses and other similar groups.
  • Attend official functions as detailed by the Corps Colonel to monitor and ensure that the function runs smoothly.

Key attributes:

  • Excellent personal and written communication skills.
  • Tactful and diplomatic leadership and management style.
  • Flexible around working hours as weekend and out-of-hours working will be required.
  • Able to work in a multi-agency environment (Corps charities, Mess Contractors and the Station Mess as well as the Corps Mess element)
  • An eye for detail and a working knowledge of the Corps of Royal Engineers

Salary: Starting salary £31,949 p.a.

Contact: Maj Ian Sidebottom 01634 822355


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