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Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Survey

Army Officer Darren Fisher is conducting a 15K word ACSC Defence Research Paper on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), and more specifically how the Land Environment can better recruit and retain our technicians and engineers.

In his research he wants to identify why do technicians join? Is there a difference between their cohort and the wider non-technical soldier community, how important is education before and during service, is there any pattern in where we recruit technicians, are they akin to wider society, who only want short term employment, or do they see their career as a ‘profession' with job security, amongst other things.

To compare and contrast the current cohort of STEM soldiers he needs to ascertain if society and or the reasons for joining and those things that this cohort find important has changed. To this end he need to ask the ‘veteran' STEM community why they joined and what they found important.

To achieve this Darren needs to canvass opinion from the following retired RE trades:

• Geo Tech
• Electrician
• Fitter General
• Fitter
• Heating and Plumber Engineer
• Design Draughtsman• Draughtsman E&M
• Construction Mat Tech
• Surveyor

Darren has provided an Excel spread sheet questionnaire to enable RE Veterans to respond to his questions. Click here to access the spread sheet.

Darren is more than happy for people to either email him back direct at the email address below, or by post. Mon 15 May will be the last day that he can receive returns due to the time required to analyse the data. Your help is greatly appreciated,

Lt Col DJ Fisher MBE RLC | ACSC 20 Student | C1, C Divison, JSCSC, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, SWINDON, SN6 8LA
Civ 01793 785418
Mob: 07972 592883