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How to apply for benevolence assistance

The REA has a first class system for delivering benevolence where it is needed.

Our main eyes and ears on the ground for advising us of those in need are SSAFA and The Royal British Legion (TRBL); HQ REA is unable to deal with requests for assistance directly from those in need.

There is strict eligibility criteria for those seeking assistance from the REA and all applicants are required to provide Verification of Service (VOS) to the caseworker to confirm eligibility. VOS advice can be found by clicking here.

Anyone seeking assistance from the REA should follow the procedure outlined below.

For ease of reference we will use the term ‘client' to identify the person in need.

  • The client should contact either SSAFA or TRBL and request a visit from a caseworker. Contact telephone numbers for both organisations can be found in the telephone book.

  • There may be cases where the client is unable to contact either SSAFA or TRBL, in this case a third party who has identified a person in need should advise either SSAFA or TRBL that a person may need assistance.

  • The caseworker will visit the client and conduct an interview to determine the needs of the client.  The information gathered is used to complete what is known as a ‘Form A'.

  • Upon completion of the ‘Form A' it is sent via the internet to a number of charities who may be able to assist. If the client was RE, then the 'Form A' will certainly be sent to Chatham.

  • The information provided in the ‘Form A' is that which charities will consider during their case assessment.

  • The 'Form A' will be assessed by the Controller REA and if necessary an award will be made to the client. The Controller is permitted to make awards up to the value of £1000.

  • In cases where a higher award is required, the case will be considered by the REA Benevolence Committee at one of their monthly meetings. No cash is paid to the client, all assistance is procured by the caseworker organisation.

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